what does cc and bb cream mean

CC creams are a spinoff of BB creams but the CC stands for "color" and "correct." These versions usually provide sun protection and more coverage. They are also. BB cream refers to “beauty balm,” or “blemish balm.” BB creams are slightly heavier than CC cream and are meant to provide enough coverage that. While CC cream means “color correcting” cream, BB cream means “blemish balm” cream. BB creams are generally a combination of moisturizer.

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Ever woken up in the mood for flawless skin, but without the hassle of using a bunch of products? Same. You're probably pretty familiar with foundation and tinted moisturizer, and you may know what a BB cream is, too. But allow me introduce you to CC cream, the skincare/makeup hybrid that promises glowing, lit-from-within skin.

What's the difference between CC cream and BB cream?

CC stands for "color correcting," and CC creams promise to smooth out irregularities, flaws, and discoloration on the skin. (BB stands for "beauty or blemish" balm, and BB cream is considered a lighter, skin-friendly alternative to foundation.) CC creams are a little heavier than BB creams and designed to smooth out redness, discoloration, and signs of aging. They can patch over zones on your skin with irregular texture, like scarring or acne marks, too.

What else is CC cream used for?

Most CC creams include ingredients that are super nourishing for your skin, so you should consider CC creams a skincare/makeup hybrid. And while some CC creams require you to find your perfect match, like you might with any beauty product, others are one-size-fits all versatile hues that can provide coverage and quenching on nearly any skin tone. Ahead, CC creams from both drugstore and luxury brands for the skincare lover who doesn't just want to cover imperfections, but is committed to treating them, too.

The Classic Cream

IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream with SPF 50+

$ at knensi.us

This CC Cream is a total classic. It has buildable coverage, targets dryness and fine lines, and protects from UVA/UVB rays. You'll be left with a natural finish while the hero ingredients work under the radar to improve your skin.

The Mineral Option

Supergoop CC Cream

$39 at knensi.us

This mineral-packed option is perfect for those who who prefer medium coverage foundation. Its ingredients target pores, fine lines and wrinkles, all while protecting from sun damage and keeping your skin hydrated. What more could you want?

The Oil-Free Choice

bareMinerals What does cc and bb cream mean Rescue Tinted Moisturizer

$33 at knensi.us

This cream works during the day to improve the look of your skin, and overtime improves skin's texture. It can be applied either free float market capitalization methodology hands or with a brush, to build up to the opacity you're looking for. This product is oil-free, making it perfect for people with sensitive skin.

The Blurrer

Thrive Causemetics Buildable Blur CC Cream

$38 at knensi.us

This color-adjusting, blurring CC cream is like an Instagram filter for your skin. The buildable formula allows you what does cc and bb cream mean between sheer or full-coverage, depending on your mood. And both vitamin C and flaxseed extract in its formula works to eliminate unwanted oils and signs of aging.

The Corrector

Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream Hydrating Colour Corrector

$40 at knensi.us

This CC Cream is for those with normal to dry skin types that are looking for a skin-perfecting product that works in the short and long-term. It works to improve redness, sallow skin, dullness, and inflammation. For dry-skin and acne sufferers, this CC cream might be your dream come true.

The Priming Cream

Honest Beauty Clean Corrective with Vitamin C

$18 at knensi.us

This CC cream does it all for you, so you can get rid of half the products in your makeup bag. It moisturizes, primes, conceals, protects against SPF and even protects against pay geico bill with credit card light. Your skin will look dewy and gorgeous, and never overdone.

The Featherlight Finish

Lumene Lumene CC Color Correcting Cream, Medium

$ at knensi.us

This cream is super lightweight but packs enough coverage to suit your needs. Redness, acne scars, and other imperfections can all be easily-covered with this CC cream. Plus, it works to prevent premature signs of aging with SPF and other hardworking ingredients

The Results-Driven Option

Erborian CC Cream Radiance Color Corrector

$44 at knensi.us

This product promises smooth, healthy-looking skin. It works to mimic your natural skin tone for an even, radiant glow. According to reviews, users of this product said that their skin was smoother, their complexion was even, and they looked more radiant. Sign me up!

The Green-Tinted Genius

Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment SPF 30

$19 at knensi.us

This one is a little different than the flesh-toned creams you've seen on this list, namely because it'sgreen. But 4, raves on Sephora don't lie. The brand's proprietary centella asiatica complex soothes ruddy, sensitive skin over time. Worked onto clean skin, the minty hue blends down to a neutral tone that provides a bit of coverage without any cakey-ness.

The SPF-Free Option

black Up CC Cream Multi-Action

$18 at knensi.us

This CC Cream was created specifically to address dark skin. It works to correct uneven skin tone, boost radiance, mattify oily areas, and cover dark spots. Unlike many CC Creams, this product is SPF free, so that there will be no white-cast on dark skin.

The High-Tech Choice

Osmosis Beauty CC Cream Color Correcting Foundation

$48 at knensi.us

Whether you prefer natural or intense coverage, this cream can do it all. It uses true-tone technology, meaning it'll adapt to your unique skin tone so you never have to worry about choosing the wrong color. Beeswax gives your skin a boost of hydration while also soothing irritation.

The Anti-Aging Choice

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC Cream

$39 at knensi.us

If your skin wishlist includes a flawless even tone, gift yourself this CC cream; it tackles fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging. It also contains SPF, which is reef-safe and protects against sun damage that can accelerate signs of aging.

The Moisturizing Corrector

Mary Kay CC Cream

$22 at knensi.us

For anyone who doesn't like the dense, packed-on feeling of some foundations, this CC cream might meet you in the middle. It's super lightweight that it can be used as moisturizer under foundation if you're going for the full-coverage look. On its own, redness, acne, and signs of aging are kept at bay.

The Natural Glow

By Terry Cellularose Moisturizing CC Cream

$ at knensi.us

This is an ideal illuminating primer that leaves your skin looking radiant, smooth and plumped. In search of a subtle, "Do you look different?" boost, this CC Cream delivers that. It blurs imperfections, while letting your skin still look like skin.

The French Pharmacy Find

Bioderma Sensibio AR CC Cream

$27 at knensi.us

This is a hero product for chronic redness sufferers. It fights against irritation what does cc and bb cream mean causes red blotches and blurs inflammation and imperfections to bolster an even skin tone. It's also a powerful moisturizer, www craigslist san jose california any lingering dryness won't stand a chance.

The CC Cushion

AMOREPACIFIC Color Control Cushion Compact

$60 at knensi.us

The benefits of a beauty cushion are numerous. They're so easy to put into your bag and apply on the go, plus there's no need to get your fingers dirty or let a makeup brush stain your purse. This compact contains a CC cream that fills in age lines, hydrates the skin, and brightens your san jose air quality right now knensi.us

Tinted Moisturisers, BB and CC Creams: Everything You Need To Know

What is a CC Cream?

A little lighter than a BB cream, CC creams are known by many names, including complexion and colour correctors. Essentially, they even out the skin tone a lot more than tinted moisturisers and BB creams by correcting the colour in your tone.

1. What does a CC Cream do?

If you have pigmentation in your skin, acne, scarring or any signs of redness and discolouration, a CC cream will help to mask these problems and give you a perfected and flawless complexion. They even make great primers, as they correct your skin tone before applying tinted moisturisers or foundations, so your finished look is gorgeous.

2. Which is the right one for me?

Like tinted moisturisers, opt for a CC Cream that what does cc and bb cream mean your skin concern you need to combat rather than your skin type. If you are concerned about your particular skin type however, and whether a CC cream will react to it, read our guide on choosing the right one for you.

  • For pigmentation, Payot's CC Cream works wonders to correct and conceal. It's especially ideal for those with acne and imperfection scarring, as well as general signs of pigmentation and discolouration. Plus, the addition of Hyaluronic Acid helps to keep the skin hydrated and healthy as it conceals.
  • For uneven skin tone, the skinChemists Perfect Skin CC Cream is ideal as it helps to transform problem skin into a flawless complexion. It's a great all rounder, making it ideal for any skin type, but if you do notice that your skin looks slightly red, or uneven in any specific areas, this is a great product to use.
  • For dulling skin, the Omorovicza Complexion Corrector is our absolute favourite. Formulated with Ruby Crystal, the CC cream helps to boost the elasticity in your skin so it appears more plumped-up, radiant and incredibly healthy.
  • PAYOT CC Expert Corrective Cream SPF 50+ 40ml

    PAYOT CC Expert Corrective Cream SPF 50+ 40ml


  • skinChemists Perfect Skin CC Cream with SPF 30 - Light (30ml)

    skinChemists Perfect Skin CC Cream with SPF 30 - Light (30ml)


  • Omorovicza Complexion Corrector SPF20 (30ml)

    Omorovicza Complexion Corrector SPF20 (30ml)


If after all this, you want something a little more concealing than tinted moisturisers, BB and CC creams, you can always have a look at our sheer foundations, which will offer a little more coverage without being too heavy on the skin.

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Alphabet Skincare: Your Guide to AA, BB, CC and DD Creams

Beauty or blemish balms, better known as BB creams, have elevated themselves from Asian trend to global makeup essential, becoming a favorite for women across all continents. Its huge success is owed to its perfect hybrid of makeup, skincare and SPF – the very definition of hitting two birds with one stone. Sounds like you’ve found your holy grail product, right? However, there are new additions to the so-called “alphabet skincare” with the arrival of AA, CC and DD creams.

What do they do? What are the differences between them? Which one is best suited for you? If you’re feeling a what does cc and bb cream mean overwhelmed, worry not! We’ll explain and break it down below.

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AA Cream

The abbreviation stands for ‘anti-aging’ and as the name implies, this cream helps your skin slow down the signs of aging that usually appears in your 30’s. During this time, wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots come more easily and takes longer to fade. The ingredients of AA creams are more heavily concentrated with anti-aging ingredients, like alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), antioxidants, peptides and retinoid.

Photo from Olay 


BB Cream

The most popular product in the skincare alphabet, blemish/beauty balms were first popularized in South Korea. More than your standard tinted moisturizer, BB creams go above and beyond by providing coverage AND multiple skincare benefits. If a moisturizer and lightweight foundation had a baby, the BB cream would be it. It offers sunscreen, hydrating-boosters and coverage. But despite this, its texture is very light which makes it ideal for everyday use, quick and natural if you’re into the “no-makeup makeup look&rdquo.

Photo from MAC Cosmetics


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CC Cream

CC cream stands for ‘color correcting&rsquo. It is best used before applying foundation because it ‘corrects’ the discoloration on your face such as dark circles, spots, sallowness and hyperpigmentation. They often come in a variety of colors meant for targeting different skin issues: peach for covering up dark pigmentation, green for redness or rosacea, lavender what does cc and bb cream mean dull skin, the list goes on. So go ahead and pick your poison.

Photo from Clinique


DD Cream

The newcomer in the alphabet skincare craze, DD stands for ‘daily defense’ and is like the lovechild of BB and CC creams with a primary focus on anti-aging. DD creams serve to diminish fine lines and wrinkles with continued use. Along with that, these creams help balance out the skin tone. Boasting a bevy of benefits including brighter, firmer skin,  along with lasting repair results and easy coverage on the go. This just might be the cream to end all creams.

Photo from DERMAdoctor


Lead photos by Cheska Santiago


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Once upon a time, there was foundation. And…that was pretty much it. It came in the form of cream, powder, sticks, you name it—and it was meant to be applied to the face to even out your skintone and correct blemishes.

But as of late, as the beauty industry is branching out and diversifying, the stuff you can put on your skin has done the same. People who are new to makeup might be a little overwhelmed when they go looking for a simple foundation and find BB cream, CC cream, tinted moisturizer, primer, matte powders, and setting spray instead. But these alternatives to traditional foundation are blowing up in a big way, so let’s break down the basics.

Creams vs. Foundation

Simply put, a traditional foundation is just makeup. Foundation is typically fairly heavy and built for moderate coverage that paints over blemishes, redness, dark circles and discoloration. It’s the most dramatic way to get the appearance of a flawless face, but in many cases, it clogs pores, and all foundations do not agree with all skin types. Foundation might slide off of oily skin, flake off of dry skin and irritate sensitive skin. But it comes in endless formulas and shades, and with enough looking, many makeup aficionados have found their holy grail foundation that’s perfect for their skin color and type.

BB and CC creams, on the other hand, are a marriage between foundation and skincare. They’re specifically created to be lightweight and subtle, and different formulas can remedy different skincare issues while gently evening out your skintone. They’re perfect for a no-makeup makeup look or a low-maintenance beauty routine, but the downside is that they come in a much more limited range of shades and finishes than foundations.

To BB or to CC?

Even though they’re both great alternatives to foundation, BB and CC cream have some key differences that buyers should know about.

The ‘BB’ stands for ‘beauty balm’ or ‘blemish balm’, depending on who you ask. Lauren Serra, Senior MUA at Blushington’s in NYC says, “[BB cream is] a multi-step skincare regimen in one application that provides more coverage than tinted moisturizer.”

The main draw of BB cream is their use of antioxidants and sunscreens that keep the skin both healthy and looking great. BB cream is light and buildable, and typically has a dewy or natural finish. People with dry skin find how do i find my router model number BB cream hydrates them better than most foundations, and it doesn’t flake off or get cakey. However, if your skin is oily, you might have a hard time getting a BB cream to play nice on your face.

By contrast, a CC cream—'CC’ meaning “color correcting” or “complexion correcting”—is heavier than BB cream but still lighter than foundation. Its appeal is in its usefulness as a concealer that fixes redness, sallowness and dull spots while providing soft, semi-matte coverage. Celebrity makeup artist Brittany Spyksma advises: “If you like the idea of a BB cream but have some skin issues like discoloration or redness, try a CC cream”.

CC creams have proven ideal for people with oily skin who struggle to get foundations or BB creams to stay put. They’re non-comedogenic and also serve as a primer that foundation can stick to. Dry skin, on the other hand, may feel dried out further what does cc and bb cream mean a CC cream’s matte finish.
So, if you’re just dipping your toes into the waters of makeup, try playing around with some light coverage creams and see what works for you. Be sure to know your skin type, and then go shopping! And be sure to check out our stock of skincare products here at Keshoume to keep your skin in good shape!

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A Guide to BB Creams, Our Favorite Multitasking Makeup

In our humble opinion, BB creams are truly holy grail products. The multitasking creams have been buzzed about for a while, but whether you (like us) have tried them and love them or whether you're new to the magical makeup, we&#x;re here to break it down for you. If you&#x;re wondering, What is a BB cream anyway? or How do I use a BB cream? we talked to experts to answer your questions. Consider this your ultimate guide to all things BB cream.

First things first: What is BB cream?

The BB in BB cream stands for beauty balm or blemish balm, and the all-in-one makeup originated in South Korea before gaining traction here. We say all-in-one because these creams are usually designed to serve as a foundation, moisturizer, and sunscreen all at once. BB creams are typically packed with skincare benefits and, depending on the formula, may offer extra hydration or shine control. Formulas of any given product are usually infused with antioxidants, acids such as hyaluronic acid, and all-important SPF for broad-spectrum protection.

What is BB cream used for?

If you&#x;re looking for an easy way to streamline your beauty routine, what does cc and bb cream mean a BB cream is your best bet for cutting down the number of products you apply in a day. Since these lightweight balms are meant to address various issues at once, you will find products that have SPF protection, a good color-correcting tint (provided that you purchase the correct shade), and moisturizers for healthy, hydrated skin. Usually, BB creams will also have silicone-based ingredients that act similarly to makeup primer, so that's another product you can skip. They're used to smooth out any imperfections and provide an even, natural finish.

How is BB cream different than CC cream, foundation, and tinted moisturizer?

BB creams are basically more sophisticated, souped-up tinted moisturizers. They&#x;re equally lightweight in coverage and feel, but BB creams pack more skin-soothing benefits beyond just moisturization.

CC cream, on the other hand, usually stands for color correcting cream. Because these creams are specifically designed to disguise imperfections, they tend to offer heavier coverage in a thicker formula than BB cream but with similar what does cc and bb cream mean skincare benefits.

Unlike BB and CC creams, foundation has one job, and that is to cover the face for makeup purposes. Celebrity makeup artist Robert Sesnek points out that foundation usually has the widest range of shades and offers different finishes. BB cream typically comes in select blendable shades and almost always delivers a natural, dewy finish over a completely matte one due to the lightweight texture.

If you have prominent scars or blemishes you&#x;d like to cover, you may even want to layer foundation on top of your lightweight BB cream to maximize coverage. Just be sure to pick which type of product is best for your particular skin concerns. As board-certified dermatologist Annie Gonzalez, M.D., explains, There are some really great foundations on the market that are lightweight on the skin, but using too much or too thick a consistency can be counterproductive for oily or acne-prone skin as well as sensitive skin that experiences bouts with eczema or dry patches.

What type of skin can benefit most from using BB cream?

Dr. Gonzalez says that BB creams can work for every skin type (as we said, they&#x;re basically miracle makeup products), but because of their hydrating capabilities, SPF content, and lightweight texture, they work particularly well for oily and combination skin. She recommends that these skin types specifically look for an oil-free formula.

How do you apply BB cream?

I recommend using your hands and fingers to apply What does cc and bb cream mean cream; a sponge will most likely suck up the product since it tends to be sheer in texture, says Sesnek. He says to apply BB cream the way you apply your moisturizer, using your fingers to gently sweep product across your entire face. Then, spot-treat any areas that need more coverage. When you're done, you'll be left with a smooth, even skin surface and a no-makeup look.

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