umpqua bank online mortgage payment

Joy to your wallet. Join us online for our next Budgeting Workshop, Tuesday, December 7 >. Locations near you. Umpqua offers a complete range of financial services, including checking and savings, online banking and bill pay, consumer and mortgage. We'll help you determine how much in mortgage payments you can afford.
umpqua bank online mortgage payment

Umpqua Bank fits the definition of a full-service bank.

Not only do they offer hundreds of branch locations in their five-state area of operations, but they also offer complete online banking.

It enables you to earn high interest on CDs, and take advantage of all the services you would expect from a traditional brick-and-mortar bank – including physical locations.

Here is a quick overview of Umpqua Bank&#;s offerings, followed by a more extensive review of their products and services.

Umpqua Bank Review

  • Products & Services
  • Interest Rates
  • Fees & Umpqua bank online mortgage payment / App
  • Customer Service


Umpqua Bank is a full-service bank with over locations in the western portion of the US. They also offer full online and mobile banking services for those who do not live in their region. In addition to traditional banking services, such as checking, savings, and CDs, Umpqua Bank offers five different rewards credit cards, many of which are competitive with the offers found through the larger uia online certification card issuers. Perhaps the biggest advantage Umpqua Bank has is their business banking. They offer the full range of business banking services, including business financing for equipment and real estate, and merchant services.

Umpqua Bank is a full-service bank with online availability.

However, Umpqua Bank is only available to residents of five states:

  1. Oregon
  2. Washington
  3. California
  4. Idaho, and
  5. Nevada

But if you are a resident of one of those states, the bank offers a solid combination of high-interest CDs, along with credit cards with very generous rewards programs, the full range of business banking services, as well as investment services and private banking.

Umpqua Bank Review: A Brief History

umpqua bank logoBased in Portland, Oregon, Umpqua Bank is a bank with a growing online presence, that has its roots as a small town Community Bank.

It was founded inin the small town of Canyonville, Oregon. But the bank has since grown into a major regional bank, with more than branches in Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada, and Idaho.

As ofUmpqua Bank has assets of $ billion, and deposits bingo cards store near me $ billion.

It is one of the 60 largest banks in the US.

It’s parent company, Umpqua Holdings Corporation, is publicly traded (NASDAQ: UMPQ). The Corporation also owns Umpqua Investments, Inc., which operates plantation style homes for sale in south carolina of Umpqua Bank stores and dedicated offices in Oregon.

In addition, there is also Umpqua Private Bank, which serves high net worth individuals and nonprofits, and provides trust and investment services.

Umpqua Bank Features

Umpqua BankFeatures
Banking Account TypesChecking, Savings, CDs, Money Markets and Business Banking
Other Account TypesCredit Cards, Personal Loans, Home Loans, IRAs, Investments
Minimum Required Deposit umpqua bank online mortgage payment Open Account$25 – $
Number of Branches
ATM Network SizeUmpqua Bank ATMs in Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada, and Idaho
ATM ReimbursementsYes, see requirements under Umpqua Checking Accounts below
Remote Deposit AvailabilityYes
App AvailabilityiOS, Android
Bill PayYes
Person to Person Money TransfersApple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay
Money TransfersACH, Wire Transfers
Customer Service TypesPhone, email
Customer Service HoursMon-Fri, 7am-7pm
Sat-Sun, 8am-5pm
Member FDICFDIC Certificate #
Routing Number / ABA Number#
Current Promotions&#; $ Home Loan Credit promotion. See site for details.
&#; See More Bank Promotions.

Umpqua Bank Financial Products & Services

In addition to offering online savings and checking, Umpqua Bank also provides many of the banking services you might expect to find in a full-service bank:

  • Savings Products, CDs & IRAs
  • Three different Checking Account offers
  • Credit Cards
  • Personal Loans & Home Loans
  • Investing and Private Banking
  • Business Banking

Visit the Umpqua Bank website for a full listing of available products, services, and current rates.

Umpqua Bank Checking Accounts

Access your account with an Umpqua Visa Debit Card. Umpqua Bank does not participate in a national ATM network. Its ATMs are available only in Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada, and Idaho. There is also a fee of $ per transaction at non-Umpqua Bank ATMs.

There is no charge for paperless statements. However, there is a $3 per month charge if you prefer a paper statement. The fee is waived if the primary account holder is 62 or older.

Umpqua Bank charges $15 for each domestic or international wire transfer into your account unless waived for a specific checking account.

Banking on the go is easy with the Umpqua Bank Mobile App, which features mobile check deposits, mobile bill pay, instant internal transfers, custom alerts, and Touch ID/Fingerprint login.

Umpqua Bank offers three different checking accounts:

Embark Checking. No-frills checking account, with no monthly maintenance fee. You can get $10 in non-Umpqua ATM fee rebates per month, with an average monthly balance of at least $2, You can also get a Grow Savings account with no monthly maintenance fee when you complete a monthly transfer from your Embark Checking into you Grow Savings account. Minimum opening balance, $

Access Checking. Comes with $5 monthly service fee, waived with 10 or more posted debit card purchases or payments per month, or one direct deposit of $ or more per month, or one mobile deposit of $ or more per month.

Up to four non-network ATM fees will be rebated each month. You can also have up to three Grow Savings or Thrive Money Market accounts with no monthly service fee. One incoming wire transfer fee per month is refunded on this account. Minimum opening balance, $

Attain Checking. Interest-bearing bearing checking account. $20 monthly service fee, waived with a $15, minimum daily balance, or $25, in combined deposits and outstanding loan balances in eligible accounts (excludes mortgages and credit cards).

Receive up to $25 per month in non-network ATM fee rebates. Up to five Grow Savings or Thrive Money Markets accounts with no monthly service fee. Receive free wallet Umpqua checks when ordering through Harland Clarke.

Bonus interest eligible at the time of opening a new CD or during the CD grace period. Complimentary incoming wire transfers. Minimum opening balance, $

Visit Umpqua Bank for more information or to open an account.

Compare these accounts with the best free online checking accounts.

Umpqua Bank Savings Accounts, Money Market, CDs, and IRAs

Umpqua Bank offers a variety of savings accounts. These accounts do have a monthly service charge, which can be waived with a minimum daily balance (varies by account). You can compare these Umpqua Bank savings accounts with the best online savings accounts to see which meets your needs.

Grow Savings. This is an interest-bearing account that also comes with ATM access. It requires a minimum of $25 to open and has a $3 monthly service charge. That charge can be waived with $ or more daily balance, or the primary signer is under 19, or over

It can also be waived when you complete a monthly transfer from an Umpqua personal deposit account. You can get three sears credit card application (no monthly service fee) Grow Savings or Thrive Money Market accounts when linked to Access Checking, and up to five when linked to Attain Checking.

Thrive Money Market. This is an interest-bearing account, with a minimum initial deposit of $ A $10 monthly service charge is waived with a $1, minimum daily balance.

Link to an Access Checking and get up to three Grow Savings and Thrive Money Market accounts with no monthly service charge, or up to five accounts when you link to an Attain Checking account. Check deposits in excess of 50 per month are charged a fee of $ per check.

Prosper Money Market. This is an interest-bearing account with a minimum initial deposit of $ A $15 monthly service charge waived with $10, minimum daily balance, or $25, combined deposit and outstanding loan balance in eligible accounts (excludes mortgages and credit cards).

You can earn higher interest rates when your account is linked to an active personal checking account (with at least one transaction per month). Check deposits in excess of 50 per month are charged a fee of $ per check.

Certificates of Deposit (CDs). Umpqua Bank CDs require a minimum initial deposit of $1, and charge no monthly service fee. Visit site for current rates.

Business CD Term Account. Minimum initial deposit of $1, with no monthly service fee. Multiple term options available.

IRA Accounts. Both traditional IRA and Bank of america personal IRA accounts are available, using either a savings account or a CD.

Visit Umpqua Bank for more information or to open an account.

Umpqua Home Loans and Personal Loans

Umpqua offers six different types of loans:

  • Home Mortgages. Umpqua bank online mortgage payment Bank offers fixed and adjustable-rate home loans. Available for first-time home buyers, construction and renovation, Jumbo loans, VA loans, low down payment options, investment properties, and second homes, and special physician loans.
  • Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC). Available in amounts based on the equity in your home.
  • Term Loans. Both secured and unsecured umpqua bank online mortgage payment may be available, based on creditworthiness.
  • Lines of Credit. Revolving line of credit.
  • Auto Loans.
  • Boat or RV Loans.

Rates and terms for each type of loan will vary. Please visit an Umpqua Bank branch on contact customer service for specific information for each loan type.

Umpqua Bank Business Banking

This is one of the features that most distinguishes Umpqua Bank from the competition. It offers a full range of business banking services. This includes business checking and savings accounts, which include online and mobile banking.

Business banking includes merchant services, payroll solutions, e-commerce solutions, and ACH payments. They also provide business credit cards and commercial bank advisors to help you manage your business.

They also provide business loans including:

  • Business term loans
  • SBA loans
  • Real estate loans for commercial, residential, and multifamily properties
  • Equipment leasing and financing up to $15 million
  • Business vehicle financing

Opening an Account at Umpqua Bank

The entire application process happens online and takes only a few minutes.

You’ll need to provide the usual information for financial institution applications, including your Social Security number, date of birth, address, and personal ID information, such as your driver’s license. Umpqua Bank may also request that you provide certain financial information during the application process.

And of course, you need to have an external bank to link to your Umpqua Bank account for funding purposes.

You must be at least 18 years old, a US citizen, and living in California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, or Nevada.

Because Umpqua Bank is a regional bank, you may only want to consider opening an account if you live in the Pacific region. If you live in other areas, you may consider opening a bank account that is more convenient to you. For example, some banks are more popular in other regions, such as Fifth Third in the midwest, BBVA (formerly BBVA Compass) in the South, or Chase Bank or Citi Bank on the East Coast.

Other people may prefer to keep a local bank for certain transactions and use an online bank such umpqua bank online mortgage payment Ally Bank, Barclays Bank, CIT Bank, Discover Bank, and others that primarily have an online-only presence.

Umpqua Bank Customer Service

Umpqua Bank’s customer service is available Monday through Friday, from AM to PM, and on Saturdays and Sundays, from AM to PM.

They are available by phone, regular mail, and email:

And of course, if you live in Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada, or Idaho, you may be able to visit a local branch.

Other Features

  • Ability to choose paper or electronic statements ($3 charge for paper statements).
  • Export your Bank transactions to Quicken and QuickBooks.
  • Do your business banking at the same bank where you do your personal banking.
  • Multiple credit cards to choose from.
  • Investment services

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I have both personal and business accounts?

  • Yes, that includes checking and savings accounts, as well as credit cards and other loan types.

Does Umpqua Bank offer mortgage financing for veterans and members of the military?

  • Yes. Veterans and members of the military are eligible to apply for any mortgage loan type offered by the bank. But Umpqua also offers VA loans specifically designed for present and former members of the military. The biggest benefit of this loan type is that it requires no down payment on the part of the eligible veteran.

Will I be automatically approved for a credit card as an Umpqua Bank customer?

  • You will be eligible to apply for a credit card offered by the bank. However, your approval and the interest rate you will pay will be determined by your creditworthiness.

Umpqua Bank – Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Full-service bank, with checking, savings, loans, credit cards, investments, and more.
  • Excellent credit card offers, featuring benefits such as a 0% introductory APR, very generous cashback rewards, and more.
  • Provides the full range of loan products which is unusual among online banks.
  • Offers business banking.
  • local branches available in Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada, and Idaho.


  • Not available to residents outside Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada, and Idaho.
  • ATM network limited to Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada, and Idaho. Others will need to go out of network. Plus there is a $ per transaction charge at non-Umpqua Bank ATMs (Umpqua Bank does waive a certain number ATM fees each month).
  • Incoming wire fee of $15 per transaction in Embark and Access checking accounts.
  • No interest paid on two of three available checking accounts.


Umpqua Bank offers competitive rates on their CDs, certainly much higher than what you can get at traditional brick-and-mortar banks.

They also offer five different credit cards that are especially strong with rewards. In fact, their credit cards are some of the most competitive in the industry in this category.

Perhaps the biggest advantage Umpqua Bank has is their business banking.

They offer the full range of business banking services, including business financing for equipment and real estate, and merchant services.

It’s a real opportunity to do your business banking with the same institution where you do your personal banking.

Umpqua Bank Umpqua Bank offers a full-service banking experience including checking, savings, credit cards, loans, mortgages, business banking accounts, and more. Umpqua Bank


How to Login & Use Umpqua Bank&#;s Online Banking Service at Umpqua Bank is a financial company based in Portland, Oregon, United States of America, it has its headquarters are in the Umpqua Bank Plaza. The firm has three principal operating subsidiaries namely Umpqua Bank (the Bank), Umpqua Investments (formerly Strand, Atkinson, Williams, and York (Investments)), and Pivotus Ventures, their main operating platforms are personal banking and lending, business banking and lending, and wealth management. The bank serves consumers and businesses
in the community.

In this article, we will be telling you what the Umpqua Bank is all about, the step you will have to take to access their Online Banking Service at The online banking is fast, safe and secure, you can make fund transfer, and manage your account at your own convenience. This platform helps you to achieve your financial goals, and manage your account and money properly in a simpler way.

Benefits And Features Of Using Umpqua Bank&#;s Online Banking Service

&#; They create a personal banking experience designed for your unique needs.
&#; You can have a direct one-on-one connection to financial expertise.
&#; You can get access to simple, mobile banking, whenever and wherever you need it.
&#; It&#;s a bank that fits your life, not the other way around.
&#; Mobile check deposits from anywhere.
&#; Instant internal transfers to move money when you&#;re on the move.
&#; Custom alerts to keep you in the know.
&#; Secure touch login for when you can’t remember that pesky password.
&#; Set up reminders and alerts
&#; You can place a re-order on cheques and change your address
&#; You can Share information and access to your accounts. With Family Banking, you determine which accounts family members see and what actions they can take.
&#; You can access electronic bills from your payees (if they’re participating e-billers delivered directly into your online banking)
&#; You can download to Quicken, QuickBooks, MS Money or CSV format
&#; You can make a transfer between Umpqua Bank accounts, including payments to an Umpqua Bank loan
&#; Online bill pay with 15 free payments per month (and only $ for each additional payment)
&#; View savings and checking account statements and check images

How To Sign in Your Umpqua Bank&#;s Online Banking

&#; On your browser, open the Umpqua Bank&#;s Online Banking safe portal at
&#; On the home page, navigate to the and click &#;Log in&#; icon on the upper right part of the page
&#; You will be directed to a new web page were will have to choose your login type which is either a Personal Banking, Business Banking, Credit Card, Mortgage or
All Other Logins type.
i) For Personal Banking:
&#; Fill out your user ID in the column ally financial payoff address dealer and click on the &#;Log in&#; button
&#; Anew webpage will open where you can fill out your password in the column provided
&#; Then click on the submit button to explore the benefits associated with this platform.
ii) Business Banking:
&#; Fill out your company ID in the first field
&#; Fill out your user ID in the second field
&#; Click on the &#;Login&#; button
&#; You will be directed to a page where you will have to fill in your password then click on the &#;Submit&#; button.
iii) Credit Card
&#; Fill out your personal Id
&#; Then click on the &#;Continue&#; button
&#; On the new page fill out your password and click on the &#;Submit&#; button
iv) Mortgage:
Fill out your username and password in their respective fields and click on the &#;Login&#; button
v) All Other Logins type:
You can log in with the user ID and password of your Commercial Card Expense Management, Commercial Card Program Management, Commercial Cardholder, Gift Card, Merchant
Services, Prepaid Everyday Cash Card, Payroll Card Employer, Payroll Cardholder, Tax Payment Services, Umpqua Investments, and Visa Payables Banner bank hours To Reset Your Password

&#; On your browser, open the Umpqua Bank&#;s Online Banking safe portal at
&#; On the home page, navigate to the login page and click on the &#;Forgot password&#; icon on the upper right part of the page below the login button
&#; You will be directed to a page where you will be required to fill out your user ID and submit the follow the instruction to complete the process.

Customer care

You can reach their customer care representative on the telephone on &#; () Mon-Fri, 7am-7pm while Sat-Sun, 8am-5pm

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SVP, Credit Resolution Manager
Banner Bank

Mr. Nelson has been in Banking Industry for 49+ years, myuhc com optum bank which 47 years have been in Credit. He has worked at both mid size Regional banks as well as smaller independent organizations. He has held many positions, including, Credit Examiner; Commercial Loan officer; Credit Approval Team Leader; SBA Group Manager; Special Credits Officer. He is currently Credit Resolution Manager for Banner Bank, a Regional Bank located in Washington State. He has spent over 30 years in the Special Assets arena. He currently manages all large / complex matters for Banner Bank. He has effectively manages relationships in the Agriculture, Commercial R/E, and C&I  He is a past instructor with Western Bank Ag (view full description)

CEO & Founder

Mark Prior has over 25 years of experience amazon uk login my account alternative asset analytics, enterprise level senior management, and strategy formulation and implementation. Prior to founding Qualtik, he was Founder and CEO of an asset valuation and management services company with + banks as customers. Through his work with banks, Mark recognized several issues most banks struggled with in managing their CRE portfolios. Qualtik was born out of his desire to find a way to put more power in the hands of community banks. The Qualtik platform is designed to do just that.

MUFG Union Bank, N.A.

Leslie Reuter is an experienced banking executive with over 35 years of diversified experience in commercial lending, currently as VP in the Special Assets Division of MUFG Union Bank. Her prior senior commercial lending positions were at Pacific Premier Bank as SVP/Manager of Special Assets, Community Bank as SVP/Credit Administrator for their largest region, California Bank & Trust as SVP/Commercial Special Assets Manager during the Great Recession, City National Bank, Fleet Capital Corporation, and Bank of America. Ms. Reuter graduated with an MBA from Pepperdine University and earned her BS from Yale University, graduating Magna Cum Laude with Honors in Biology. (view full description)

Managing Director
SierraConstellation Partners

Robert O. Riiska, a Managing Director at SierraConstellation Partners, has more than 27 years of turnaround and crisis management experience, including performing numerous consulting assignments and serving in interim senior management capacities for clients. Mr. Riiska is a Certified Turnaround Professional, Certified Public Accountant and Chartered Global Management Accountant. He received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and an M.B.A. in Finance and Marketing from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Mr. Riiska is a frequent speaker and panelist at industry events and conferences, includin (view full description)

Managing Director
SMS Financial LLC

Mr. Sabraw is responsible email bank of america fraud department SMS’ loan acquisition efforts. Prior to his role at SMS, Ben spent 11 years at The Debt Exchange, Inc (DebtX), where he led the engagement and placement of $ billion of loans on behalf of more than distinct banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions. He is an expert in loan sales and valuations. Ben holds a Bachelor of Science degree in History from Oregon State University and an MBA from the University of San Francisco.

Redstone Investments

As a thirty year real estate professional, Mr. Salzer has focused on the acquisition and servicing of commercial real estate loans since Having acquired over $, in whole-loans either individually or in pools, Mr. Salzer has a proven track record in the resolution of distressed mortgage debt. Mr. Salzer has participated as a buyer of RTC, FDIC and conventional bank assets as well those of private and institutional lenders. In addition to the most common property types, collateral has included golf courses, marinas, churches and a multitude of special-use facilities throughout the continental United States. His strong foundation in the development of real property including, of (view full description)

Head of Special Assets
Cathay Bank

David Scheiber, currently SVP and Manager, Special Asset Department of Cathay Bank, is a financial huntington bank ohio columbus with over thirty years’ experience in diversified areas of portfolio management, corporate finance, institutional recovery, and related areas of investing for major financial institutions such as Boston Private Bank & Trust Company, ING Capital Advisors, LLC, and Transamerica Investment Services, Inc. Mr. Scheiber has an extensive background in private equity transaction finance, leveraged finance, and banking. Mr. Scheiber has expertise in representing creditors in all aspects of restructurings for both distressed and stressed companies in a wide array of industries.


Barry A. Smith is a Shareholder in the Firm’s Litigation Practice Group and Chair of the Financial Institutions Industry Practice Group. Mr. Smith focuses his practice on representing financial institutions and other business entities, both domestically and internationally. Mr. Smith has extensive experience in business and commercial litigation, creditors’ rights, real estate, loan workouts and restructuring, provisional remedies, receiverships, collections, and post-judgment enforcement. He also handles complex defense litigation including tort, contract law, and real estate. Mr. Smith is a frequent speaker on creditor’s rights, enforcement of judgments, prejudgment remedies, workout (view full description)

Senior Director – Special Servicing

Curt Spaugh is the Senior Director of SitusAMC’s Special Servicing division.  Curt Spaugh brings 34 years of nonperforming commercial real estate loan experience to the firm.  He previously held the position of Senior Vice President for the Special Servicing Division at GMAC Commercial Mortgage/Capmark Finance Inc.  His professional experience also includes asset management for Citibank, Bay View Federal Bank, American Real Estate Group (AREG) and American Savings & Loan Association.  Mr. Spaugh’s experience covers all aspects of nonperforming plantation style homes for sale in south carolina management including collateral valuation, alternative analyses, loan modifications, and the pursuit of legal remedies including umpqua bank online mortgage payment for (view full description)

SVP - Problem Loan Manager
Truist Financial Corporation

Rick Spencer currently holds the position of Senior Vice President & Problem Loan Administration Manager for Truist Financial Corporation ("Truist"), formerly Branch Banking & Trust Company (“BB&T”). As of MarchTruist is the sixth largest financial services holding company in the U.S. with $ billion in assets. Based in Charlotte, N.C., Truist operates financial centers in 15 states and Washington, D.C. In his current role, Mr. Spencer directs the resolution of all Commercial and Commercial Real Estate problem asset relationships with a focus on the Community Bank for Truist. Prior to the creation of Truist, Mr. Spencer directed the resolution of all non-retail problem a (view full description)


Edward S. Weil serves as a member of Dykema's Executive Board and is a member and immediate past Director of the Firm's Financial Industry Group, which brings together over Dykema lawyers who represent financial services firms in various litigation, transactional, regulatory/compliance and restructuring capacities. In his general commercial litigation practice, Mr. Weil represents companies in industries ranging from telecommunications, food technology solutions, airport technology, real estate developers, home security and home furnishing manufacturers, hospitality firms, and business services providers. Mr. Weil litigates a wide variety of commercial matters, including fraud, business (view first lady of virginia description)

EVP, Group Head, Real Estate
Pacific Western Bank

As National Head of the Pacific Western Bank Real Estate group, Mr. Whitesell is responsible for expanding the firm’s work with established commercial real estate developers and investors seeking real estate bridge and construction loans nationwide. An industry veteran of 30 years, Mr. Whitesell's experience includes bridge and construction financing as a senior and also mezzanine lender.  He has deep experience in preferred equity transactions as well as debt restructurings as a lender and attorney. Prior to joining Pacific Western Bank, Mr. Whitesell held senior positions at banks and debt funds, originating and directing regional and national platforms for construction, bridge, mezz (view full description)

Clark Street Capital

Jon Winick is President of Clark Street Capital, a full-service bank advisory and asset disposition firm. Managed by seasoned professionals with extensive “buy-side” experience, Clark Street Capital offers intrinsic knowledge and expertise on a wide range of assets from bank portfolio loans to securitized assets. Prior to co-founding Clark Street Capital, Jon Winick was National Marketing Director for Zions Bank, a $53 billion bank headquartered in Salt Lake City. Working for the Zions National Real Estate division, a wholesale acquirer of commercial real estate mortgages primarily from financial institutions, Winick was responsible for acquisitions in the Midwest and national marketing effo (view full description)

SVP & Associate General Counsel
City National Bank

Mike Zandpour is a Senior Vice President and Associate General Counsel at City National Bank.  Mike supports a variety of business areas within the bank, including commercial, corporate, entertainment, technology, aerospace and defense, SBA, and private banking.  Mike advises on secured transactions, workouts, and bank regulatory matters. He recently led a legal team in City National’s facilitation of over $ billion dollars of SBA guaranteed  Paycheck Protection Program loans to support businesses during the pandemic. Mike has extensive experience in managing litigation, and handling corporate and real estate loan workouts.  Mike served as City National’s lead attorney in resolution of a (view full description)

Senior Vice President
Directed Capital

Mr. Zavislak is a Senior Vice President of Asset Acquisition / Asset Disposition, while maintaining his role as Portfolio Manager for assets located throughout the 15 Western States. In his current role, Mr. Zavislak is responsible for financial reporting, credit analysis / underwriting, deal sourcing, and valuations.  Prior to his time at Directed Capital, Mr. Zavislak originated CRE debt as a correspondent Life Insurance lender, while also placing debt with various regional banks and CMBS lenders.  Mr. Zavislak is based in San Diego, California.    Mr. Zavislak received a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies with an emphasis in Great Britain and Ireland from Willamette Uni (view full description)


image Ever since I saw CEO Ray Davis speak at BAI in the mids, I&#;ve been a huge Umpqua Bank fan. But most of the bank&#;s notoriety is around its fresh take on the brick-and-mortar experience. But that&#;s not my thing, at all, so I don&#;t get a chance to write about them often.

However, today I was delighted to see a new mobile app appear in the iOS store called Umpqua Home Hunter. It&#;s a simple tool for house hunting. When a home buyer runs across a home of interest when out and about, they can open up the Home Hunter and automatically document the address (via GPS), then add comments, pictures, and a 1-to-5 star rating (see screenshots below).

There is also clever integration to Umpqua lenders. Users can forward the house to the lender of their choice to start the mortgage prequalification process (see third screenshot). 

Bottom line: While the app is pretty basic, lacking integration to home value databases such as Zillow, or MLS/Realtor services such as Redfin, it could recoup its development costs with a couple incremental mortgages every month. And even if it fails to do that, it&#;s a novel mobile service that helps position Umpqua as an innovator in digital, like they&#;ve long been in branch banking. 


Users add a home details                    &, comments, rating

image       image     

Below left: Users have the option to send homes over to their Umpqua
loan officer to get the mortgage process started



Note: For more on mobile banking and/or online lending, see our Online Banking Report archives (subscription).


If you wish to figure out what you can afford for a home, you need to tally your monthly mortgage payment. You can use the Umpqua Bank to find out your monthly mortgage amount that includes principal and interest, property call chase bank online, and homeowner’s insurance.

Step by Step Instructions for Using the Umpqua Bank

Please note that some inputs can be either manually entered in the correct box or adjusted using the sliding scale.

  1. Enter the principal of the mortgage loan that you want.
  2. Input the interest rate of your mortgage loan offer. It will be represented as an APR (a percentage). The calculator will show exactly how much this represents over the life of the mortgage, in dollars.
  3. Type in the number of months you intend to pay off the mortgage. This may be the citi costco visa credit card login of months stated in the loan contract. It may also be smaller if you intend to pay off the mortgage faster.
  4. Enter any additional principal you intend to pay. It is perfectly fine if you leave this value at $0.

The Umpqua Bank mortgage calculator is sensitive enough to adjust your results in real time as you input the numbers.

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Umpqua Bank mortgage calculator: Basic and Advanced Inputs

You can use an online mortgage calculator to gain insight into how much your mortgage payment will be each month. Even better, you can do so quickly by providing some basic information. It’s also possible to determine the total amount of interest you will pay over the term of the mortgage. 


In order to use the Umpqua Bank mortgage calculator, you’ll need to input the following information:

  • Mortgage Amount — This refers to the amount you anticipate paying for a residence.
  • Interest Rate — This refers to the percentage that your mortgage lender will charge for loaning you funds. 
  • Number of Months — The time frame by which you opt to pay back your loan.
  • Additional Principal per Period &#; Any additional money added to the original loan amount.


  • Monthly Payment &#; The amount of money you&#;ll need to pay each month to pay off your mortgage in full on time.
  • Total Interest Paid – The full amount of interest you&#;ll need to pay over the time of your loan.
  • Loan Amortization — This refers to a periodic loan payments schedule that highlights how much principal payments and interest payments make up each mortgage loan payment. Periodic payment amounts are equal at the beginning of the payback schedule, but most of these payments account for interest rather than principal. The amount that goes towards interest lessens with each periodic payment, which means that the amount that goes towards the principal increases with each periodic payment. The final line in the periodic loans payment schedule reveals the borrower’s interest and principal payments for the full loan term.
  • If there’s anything about the mortgage process that you don’t understand, you can get in touch with Umpqua Bank to get the answers you need.

Note: It’s important to remember that the estimate will be just that&#;an estimate. The actual figure could be different. The estimates you get are designed to give you an idea of what you can expect to pay &#; but they are in no way guarantees of actual figures.

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Other Ways You Can Use Umpqua Bank mortgage calculator

Many people leverage a mortgage calculator to figure out the monthly payment on a new mortgage. Even so, it can be used for other reasons as well. Examples include the following:

  • Calculate various scenarios
  • Figure out where your funds are going
  • Estimate what different loan types actually cost.
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Umpqua Bank Contact Info:

State: OR

City: Tigard

Address: S.W. 72nd Ave.,

Phone number: ()

There are so many different types of homes. There are a lot of options to choose from, but you just have to pick the one that is right for you.

Loans with Fixed & Adjustable Interest Rates

Fixed and adjustable rate mortgages are available in different prices. Fixed-rate is more expensive, but it offers stability. Adjustable rate is cheaper, but you need to know what the price will change to during the life of your loan.

First-Time Homebuyers

Loan Officers Umpqua Bank Mortgage will walk you through the process if this is your first time buying a house. They&#;ll assist you in determining what you can afford and explore your financing alternatives, including down payment possibilities and assistance programs.

Construction & Renovation

You can make your home perfect by getting loans with project and permanent financing. You can do simple repairs or energy improvements, or you can do major repairs, complex renovations, or even start from the ground up.

Jumbo Loans

The Umpqua bank offers fixed- and adjustable-rate mortgage programs with higher-than-average loan amounts if you want to go bigger. The bank provides alternatives for your specific financing requirements, whether you are buying a house, refinancing, upgrading or constructing a home.


Active duty personnel, reserves, and veterans can receive fixed-rate conventional and jumbo loans through the Federal VA as well as Federal and Oregon government programs. These loans provide up to percent financing with purchase or refinance choices. Visit ODVA and Federal VA for additional information.

Low Down-Payment Options

Let&#;s look at your choices for FHA, USDA-Rural Development, and various state bond programs if you&#;re a first-time homebuyer or seeking a low down-payment. You can find more information about it on the websites of and

Loans for Physicians

Umpqua Bank has a program for people in the medical field that can fit your needs. You can get a loan for your home with either a fixed rate or an adjustable rate.

Vacation Home & Investment Properties

Umpqua offers financing for homes, like second or investment properties. You can get help paying for it with conventional and jumbo loans. They offer many loan programs to help you, including construction and renovation loans.


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