how do i check my credit score discover

Other lenders, though, may require a hard credit inquiry to check your rate, which could potentially lower your credit score by a few points. No. Typically, you will find that there is not a significant difference between your credit score providers, but understanding how your credit scores are. You do not need to be a customer of Discover – anyone can register and To find out where to get your FICO® score from the other credit.
how do i check my credit score discover

: How do i check my credit score discover

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How do i check my credit score discover

What to Know About the Discover Free FICO Score Program

If you're planning to buy a home or apply for a credit card, it helps to know your credit score.

There are several different scoring models but the FICO score is the one most lenders use for borrowing decisions. FICO scores are based on your:

  • Payment history
  • Credit usage
  • Credit age
  • Credit mix
  • Inquiries for new credit

While you can get your credit report for free, you typically have to pay for your FICO credit score.


Discover has a program that allows anyone to check their FICO score free of charge.

But what do you need to do to get your score?

And is it really free with no strings attached?

Find out all the details you need to know about the Discover free FICO score program.

How Discover's Free Credit Score Program Works

Before we dive into the finer points of the Discover program, there's one thing to note.

FICO credit scores are based on the how do i check my credit score discover in your credit report. You have three credit reports: one each from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

That means you also have three FICO scores based on each of those reports. And your scores can be different if your credit reports don't have the same information.

With Discover, you're getting a free FICO credit score based on data from your TransUnion credit file. You can't see your Experian or Equifax FICO scores.

You should also know that FICO scores aren't the same as VantageScores. This is another type of credit score lenders can check when you apply for credit.

FICO scores and VantageScores are based on some of the same factors. But how the scores are actually calculated is different.

Getting your free FICO score from Discover

Checking your FICO score from Discover is pretty easy to do. The first step is creating a free account.

To do that, you'll need to register and give Discover your:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Date of birth
  • Street address
  • Social Security number

You'll also need to create a secure password that you'll use to log in to your account.

Now, the biggest question you might have is: will checking my free FICO score ding my credit?

The answer is no. You can check your own credit report and score as often as you like. It won't take anything away from your score.

Discover uses your Social Security number to verify your information when you set up your account. This won't go against your credit score either.

Unlike when you apply for a loan or a credit card, which is a hard hit, Discover's credit check is a soft pull.

Discover credit card not required

No. Anyone can sign up to get their free FICO credit score even if they don't have a Discover credit card.

That's different from other credit card companies. Typically, if you want to check your FICO score for free with a particular bank you need to have a credit card or another account.

Reading your free Credit Scorecard

Besides getting your free Experian FICO score each month, you also get a free Credit Scorecard.

This scorecard gives you a snapshot of your credit health. It tells you:

  • What your FICO score is
  • How many total credit accounts you have
  • Length of your credit history
  • Recent inquiries for credit
  • Revolving credit utilization
  • Number of missed payments

The scorecard isn't as detailed as your credit report, but it does tell you what's helping or hurting your credit score.

That can help you adjust your credit habits if you're working on raising your score.

Your FICO score and scorecard are updated every 30 days.

That can help you see how your score is trending over time.

What's In It for Discover?

There's no obvious benefit for Discover to offer free FICO credit scores. They don't collect any fees from consumers in exchange for the scores.

Your personal information could help Discover's marketing or product development, however.

Discover says:

They never sell personal information to third parties if that's something you're worried about.

If your information is used for marketing, you could be on the receiving end of targeted ads. Whether you choose to apply for a Discover credit card or not is entirely up to you.

To be fair, Discover does have some solid credit card offerings.

The Discover it card, for example, might be one you'd consider if you're looking for a card that offers how do i check my credit score discover high quarterly cash back bonus.

Credit Scores Decoded

What goes into your FICO score was mentioned earlier but it's worth taking a closer look.

The five factors that shape your score don't all carry the same weight.

Some are more important than others for credit scoring purposes. Here's how they stack up:

  • Payment history - 35% of your score
  • Credit usage - 30%
  • Credit age - 15%
  • Credit mix - 10%
  • Inquiries for new credit - 10%

As you can see, payment history and credit usage have the biggest impact on your FICO score.

Paying on time every month and keeping your credit embed google calendar balances low can work in your favor. Paying late and maxing out your cards can send your score spiraling down.

Having an older credit history is also beneficial for your score. Having a newer or zero credit history usually translates to a lower score.

Using different types of credit is important. Lenders want to see that you can use both loans and credit cards responsibly.

But, you don't want to apply for new credit too often. Each new inquiry can trim a few points off your score at a time.

How to Use Free FICO Scores to Your Advantage

Having access to your FICO score and credit scorecard through Discover is a good thing for a few reasons.

Watch for ID theft

First, it's easier to monitor your credit for identity theft or errors when you're checking in with your score each month.

Errors -- such as payments not being reported properly or an account that doesn't actually belong to you -- can drag your score down in a big way.

If you're checking your credit regularly and you spot an error, you can dispute it to have it corrected or removed.

Identity theft can also wreak havoc on your score if someone's opening multiple accounts in your name and charging up high balances.

The damage can be even worse when those accounts go unpaid because you're not aware of them.

Credit improvement

Discover's free credit scorecard also makes it easier to see what you're doing right or wrong when it comes to your score.

For example, having many accounts that are paid on time could be helping you. Having a delinquency on your credit, however, could hurt you.

If you're not well-versed in how credit scores work, you might not know what credit habits you should be developing or dropping.

Before applying for credit

Finally, it's always a good idea to check your credit report and score before you apply for a credit. This gives you an idea of what a lender is likely to see.

You can use your report and score to gauge how likely you are to be approved, based on what you know about the lender.

For example, you might be in the market for a premium travel rewards credit card.

You've researched different card options and found one that's got great perks, but it's geared towards people with excellent credit.

A check of your credit score tells you that you're closer to the "good" credit score range.

In that scenario, you could either work on improving your score and wait to apply for the card or pick a card you have a better shot at qualifying for.

Get Even More Protection With Social Security Alerts

If you're not already a Discover credit cardmember, there's a good reason to consider becoming one.

Members can now enroll in free Social Security protection alerts to stay on top of potential identity theft threats. When you sign up, Discover monitors your Social Security number and notifies you if:

Your number is found on a risky website, including sites on the dark web
Any new credit cards, mortgages, car loans or other credit accounts are opened on your Experian credit report

The benefits can go a long way towards helping you detect and prevent identity fraud. If Discover detects something suspicious, they'll help you take the next steps to protect yourself against fraud.

Get Your Free FICO Credit Scores from Discover

Keeping an eye on your credit is www craigslist san jose california for staying on track financially.

Discover makes it virtually hassle-free to monitor your credit and FICO score each month.

If you have another credit card that offers FICO scores from Equifax or Experian, you can get a more complete picture of your credit score.

If you're considering opening a Discover credit card account to take advantage of Social Security number alerts, do your research first.

Check the rewards, fees and annual percentage rate to make sure you're picking a card that best fits your needs and spending habits.

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Get a Free Credit Score With No Credit Card or Subscription

As a consumer, you have the right to see your credit report without having to pay for it. But, while it’s not hard to find a website promising a free credit score, it can be a challenge to find a website that gives you a truly free credit score without asking for your credit card number. If you want to see your credit report before you actually have a credit card, this can be a catch

You shouldn’t have to give up your credit card number for something that’s supposed to be free—and, the good news is, you don't have to. There are a few ways you can get a free credit score without entering your credit card number.

Credit Scores With a Catch

Many sites advertising free credit scores have a gimmick where they lure you in with promises of a free score. But, to get that score, they require you to sign up for a trial subscription to a credit monitoring service. The catch is that you’re charged for the subscription if you don’t cancel within a certain amount of time, usually seven days.

If you want regular access to your score, many sites require that you pay a monthly service fee after a free trial period.

Sites With Free Credit Scores

In reality, there are quite a few sites that offer free credit scores with no credit card or paid subscription. Here are just a few:

  • CreditWise from Capital One is available to all consumers. You can signup even if you how do i check my credit score discover have a Capital One credit card. You'll receive monthly updates of your VantageScore based on your TransUnion credit report.
  • Credit Karma provides your free credit score based on your Equifax and TransUnion credit reports. They also add your VantageScore for no extra cost. While you may be asked for your Social Security number and other identifying information, you’re never asked to give your credit card number. Best of all, you can check your credit score every day if you want.
  • Credit Sesame's goal is to connect you with deals to lower your debt payments through refinance and low-interest-rate credit card options. A personal credit management tool, your free credit score is part of the deal, and you don’t have to provide your credit card information to get it.
  • Discover provides a free credit scorecard that includes your FICO score based on your Experian credit report information. The scorecard updates every month and you don't have to be a Discover customer to enroll.
  • Lending Tree provides you with a free copy of your VantageScore and updates your score monthly. You'll also be able to see the factors that affect your credit score.

Required Credit Score Disclosure

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you're entitled to one free annual credit report from each of the three major credit bureaus. All you have to do is request a report via

This law, unfortunately, doesn’t give consumers access to their credit scores, which aren't actually included on credit reports. However, banks, lenders, and credit card companies are required to provide you with a free credit score any time they deny your application, provide you with less than favorable terms, or raise your rates because of your credit.

Mortgage lenders also must disclose your credit score when they check your credit for a loan application.

Unfortunately, there are times when you won’t get this free credit score, even if you’re denied. For example, banks don’t have to send the credit score disclosure when they use an in-house credit score, and insurance companies aren’t required to disclose the credit-based score used to assign your insurance premium. If you're denied credit or insurance, though, it doesn't hurt to ask for your score.

Not a FICO Score

With the exception of the Discover Credit Scorecard, the drawback to free credit scores is that the scores likely won’t be a FICO score, the score that’s most often used by lenders. Credit Karma, Credit Wise, and Credit Sesame all give you a credit bureau’s version of your credit score, i.e a FAKO score. These scores may vary from one another and typically differ from your FICO score.

You may get a free FICO score with a credit score disclosure, but that’s only if the bank used a FICO score in making its decision. Otherwise, you’ll get another score, but it will be the actual score the bank used, rather than an educational score.


Does Checking Your Credit Score Lower It?

Now that you know checking your credit scores and credit reports won’t count against you, let’s talk about how to take a look at your scores. The good news is, you have multiple ways to check your credit score online. 

Option #1: Purchase Your Credit Scores From FICO or the Credit Bureaus

The first possibility for checking how do i check my credit score discover credit scores is to buy them directly from FICO or one of the credit bureaus. 

Usually, plantation style homes for sale in south carolina get more than just a credit score with this option. For example, you might also get a copy of your credit report or access to ongoing credit monitoring. Remember, however, that you can get your credit score from each of the 3 credit bureaus for free once per year through 

If you’re interested in buying your credit scores, here’s where you can get them:

  • MyFICO: Zillow homes for rent san antonio between a one-time credit report and FICO Score or an ongoing monthly subscription, with prices starting at $
  • Equifax Score Watch: Get your FICO Score and Equifax credit report 4 times a year for $ per month.
  • Experian: Get your FICO Scores and credit reports from all 3 bureaus for a one-time fee of $
  • TransUnion: Get unlimited credit score tracking and credit reporting for $ per month.  

If you need more than just a credit score and report, you might consider the next option on the list.

Option how do i check my credit score discover Check Your Credit Scores With Credit Monitoring

Credit monitoring services can offer ongoing credit score tracking and monitoring. Specifically, these services track changes to your how do i check my credit score discover report that might affect your credit scores. That can include things like:

  • New hard inquiries
  • Paid tradelines
  • New accounts opened
  • Late or missed payments
  • Collection actions

That’s helpful, especially if you’re worried about identity theft or fraud. A credit monitoring service could alert you right away if a new credit account is opened in your name that you didn’t authorize. 

But there’s a catch. Credit monitoring services don’t always 1st state bank bay city FICO Scores. They may offer VantageScores instead. 

VantageScores are an alternative scoring model that are used by a growing number of lenders. But they aren’t as widely accepted as FICO Scores. So if you’re interested in getting your FICO Score, a credit monitoring service may not be much help. 

Option #3: Check Your Credit Scores for Free

If you’re on a budget, there’s good news. It’s possible that you could check your credit scores for free if you have a credit card. 

A number of top credit card issuers offer free FICO Scores monthly to cardmembers. Discover also offers free FICO Scores even if you don’t have a Discover credit card. 

If you’re wondering how to find your free credit score, you can check your monthly statement or log in to your online account. They should be listed on either one if your card issuer offers free FICO Scores. 

And here’s one more way to get free credit scores: sign up for a free account with Experian. 

Experian offers a free credit report and FICO Score, no credit card required. Although, you may be asked if you want to upgrade your membership for a fee each time you log in.


Free Credit Scorecard

*FICO® Credit Score Terms:

Your FICO® Credit Score, key factors and other credit information are based on data from TransUnion® and may be different from other credit scores and other credit information provided by different bureaus. This information is intended for and only provided to Primary account holders who have an available score. See about the availability of your score. Your score, key factors and other credit information are available on and cardmembers are also provided a score on statements. Customers will see up to a year of recent scores online. Discover and other how do i check my credit score discover may use different inputs, such as FICO® Credit Scores, other credit scores and more information in credit decisions. This benefit may change or end in the future. FICO is a registered trademark of Fair Isaac Corporation in the United States and other countries.

If you prefer not to receive your FICO® Credit Www craigslist san jose california just call us at DISCOVER (). Please give us two billing cycles to process your request.

Discover Financial Services and Fair Isaac are not credit repair organizations as defined under federal law or state law, including the Credit Repair Organizations Act. Discover Financial Services and Fair Isaac do not provide "credit repair" services or assistance regarding "rebuilding" or "improving" your credit record, credit history or credit rating.


Your credit score is one of the most important numbers in your financial life.

If you have a good score, you can qualify for nearly every credit card and get low rates on loans. However, if you have a bad score, you could run into trouble trying to get something as common as a cell phone.

If you have no idea what your score is – it’s worth reviewing especially if you plan on making any large financed purchases in the near future (<5 years).

Ten years ago, when I started personal finance blogging, free credit score services were rare. Most were tied to some kind of trial you had to cancel. Nowadays, the number of companies that offer a truly free credit score has ballooned.

If you want a score, you should never pay for it. Just pick from some of the sites on the list below to get it:

Non-Credit Card Services

Credit Karma


  • Provides free Vantage Score from TransUnion and Equifax
  • Comes with a lot of additional credit report analysis

Credit Karma is probably the best known of all free credit score providers. In fact, it’s so free they don’t even require you to put a credit card on file! That gives you assurance that you won’t be charged some sort of gotcha fee after the fact.

Credit Karma provides your VantageScore from both TransUnion and Equifax. That isn’t your official FICO Score, but rather an educational score, that generally parallels your actual FICO Score. This is typical of free credit score providers. FICO Scores cost money, and that’s why they’re typically not offered by free credit score providers. Still, they can give you a general idea of the direction of your credit score.

One of the advantages of using Credit Karma is a large amount of credit report analysis they provide along with your scores.

For example, they’ll tell you how do i check my credit score discover your credit reports show about your payment histories. In fact, the information they provide largely contains all the information you’ll find on a standard credit report. 

Credit Karma makes money is through ads offering credit cards and other loans you’re likely to qualify for. If you click through one of the ads, apply for credit, and your approved, Credit Karma will receive a small commission from the lender. This commission is paid by the loan issuer, not by you. 

Get Your Free Credit Score With Credit Karma

Credit Sesame


  • Provides free Vantage Score from TransUnion
  • Offers tools to help improve your credit score

Credit Sesame works much the same way as Credit Karma, in that it provides you with educational scores, rather than your actual FICO Score. And also much like Credit Karma, Credit Sesame is another free service that does not require you to put a credit card on file. 

Credit Sesame is also based on VantageScorebut it’s provided only by a single credit bureau – TransUnion. But Credit Sesame also offers tools to help you improve your credit score. And by improving your VantageScoreyour actual FICO Score will also increase. You’ll receive an updated credit score every time the score changes.

For example, they offer detailed articles and guides to help you understand exactly how your credit scores are calculated, and what you can do to improve your how do i check my credit score discover in each category.

And once again, much like Credit Karma, Credit Sesame will make credit offers to the user through ads. They may make a recommendation of a particular credit card or loan if it appears it will provide an improvement over the one you already have. This is how the service makes money and allows them to be able to provide your credit score for free.

Get Your Free Credit Score With Credit Sesame


  • Provides free FICO Score from Experian
  • Comes with credit monitoring alerts not only offers your free credit score, but it’s a FICO Score, provided by Experian. And like some of the other free credit score providers on this list, you don’t even need to put a credit card on file to get access. Since you’ll be checking your own credit report and score, it won’t have a negative impact on your credit score.

You’ll have access to a new Experian credit report and FICO Score every 30 days. But you’ll also get credit monitoring alerts, which include new increases, new account openings, public records, fraud alerts, and personal information updates. That’ll give you an opportunity to intervene quickly in the process if you suspect an identity fraud attempt.

And since you’re dealing with Experian, the largest of the three credit bureaus, you’ll also have the ability to submit and track disputed information online, free of charge.

The website also provides credit education resources, with detailed information about credit scores, credit reports, identity theft, and debt management. They even have a blog that provides the latest information on identity theft, as well as videos and credit calculators.

And while it’s optional, you can sign up for Experian CreditMatch. That will provide you with personalized credit card offers instantly, and without affecting your credit scores. The offers will be based on your current and future credit, giving you an opportunity to get better deals on credit cards.

Quizzle (Now Bankrate)


  • Not cub tcf near me if FICO Score or Vantage Score or from which bureau
  • Provides your full credit report
  • Offers alerts for credit report changes

Quizzle is now part of Given the resources offered by Bankrate, that should only improve the product, though it looks like the Quizzle name is about to disappear. Bankrate claims they’re creating “a faster, stronger, smoother, credit reporting and analysis tool&rdquo. However, the website doesn’t indicate which credit bureau supplies the credit score, or whether it’s an actual FICO Score or an educational score.

Just as was the case with Quizzle, Bankrate is offering weekly credit score updates, access to your full credit report, credit score progress tracking, expert advice and score analysis, and personalized rates on new credit. But one feature offered by Quizzle that’s improved immediately is access to instant alerts for credit report changes. Under Quizzle, that feature was available with a paid version only. With Bankrate, it will be part of the free service.

Much like other free credit score providers, Bankrate is compensated whenever you take advantage of the free credit offers provided on the platform.

For example, if you sign up for a credit card with a lower interest rate than the one you currently have, Bankrate will receive a small fee – paid by the credit card issuer, not by you – for referring you to the issuer.

The Bankrate takeover of Quizzle should be a pure win for former Quizzle participants. Bankrate is one of the largest and most respected credit websites in the industry, drawing more than 15 million visitors to their website each month


  • Provides free Vantage Score from Experian
  • Provides an action plan to improve your credit also provides your free Experian credit score, though it’s the VantageScore score based on your Experian credit report and not your actual FICO Score. You can sign up for the service transfer money from one bank to another begin getting free access to your credit score, and you won’t be required to put a credit card on file. Similar to other free credit score providers, accessing your credit score won’t hurt it in any way. not only enables you to track your credit but also to manage it more wisely. They provide specific recommendations and a step-by-step action plan that will help you improve your credit and your credit score. They also offer plenty of credit education resources to help you better understand how credit and credit scores work. will soon be rolling out a new feature known as ExtraCredit. The service will give you access to all 28 of your FICO Scores (yes, there are and always have been way more than a single FICO Score!). You’ll have an opportunity to see the scores that lenders see. You’ll also be able to strengthen your credit by reporting bills, like rent and utility payments. It will come with Dark Web monitoring, as well as credit restoration services. And you’ll even be able to get paid cash when you are approved for select credit cards and loans through the feature.

At the moment, is having interested consumers sign up on a waitlist, with the promise of releasing the service this summer. The company doesn’t report as much yet, but I suspect this will be a premium service. It will be difficult to offer that many features in  a free service. If that turns out not to be the case, I’ll be happily wrong!

If you think you might need credit repair, you can either work with a credit repair company or DIY with credit repair software.


  • Provides free Vantage Score from TransUnion
  • Offers daily credit monitoring

Mint is most popular for being a free budgeting app. But they also offer free, unlimited credit scores. You can not only check your credit score as many times as you like, but they also offer advice and tips to help you increase it. If there’s a disadvantage, it’s that you’ll need to sign up for the Mint budgeting app, of which the free credit score service is a part. But you are not required to put a credit card on file.

The service will help you to better understand your credit report and credit score, providing detailed information on how your score is calculated. Armed with that information, you’ll have a better opportunity to make improvements.

Your credit score is calculated based on your TransUnion credit report, and is the VantageScore educational score. The service offers daily credit monitoring, and you’ll be notified when there are any changes to your personal information, or if there are new credit inquiries appearing on your report.

Check out our full review of Mint here. 

Available to Anyone

These three services are associated with credit cards but available to everyone:

CreditWise from Capital One


  • Provides free Vantage Score from TransUnion
  • Includes their Credit Simulator which lets you see the impact of different actions

CreditWise from Capital One gives you your VantageScore using TransUnion data. CreditWise used to be Credit Tracker and you don’t need to be a Capital One customer to use this, though if you have an account you can skip the registration form and get access directly. CreditWise will check your information as often as every 7 days if you log in that often.

CreditWise has some really nice features that other places don’t offer. The most interesting one is the Credit Simulator, which lets you simulate what would happen to your score if you did things like pay down debt, make on-time payments for 6-months, 12 months, etc.

For example, my VantageScore is and with 2 years of on-time payments, my score would still remain That means for the purposes of VantageScore, my on-time payment history is as good as it gets. If, however, I pay down debt and reduce credit utilization – my score could go up as high as

A few other interesting simulation results:

  • If I increase my credit limit on one card by $5, my VantageScore would increase by 3 points.
  • If I open a new credit card with a $5, limit, my score falls by 4 points.
    Cancelling my oldest credit card will cost me 3 points too.
  • Allowing all my accounts to go delinquent for 30 days will cost … points!
  • The only downside with CapitalOne’s tool is that it uses VantageScore, which isn’t quite “official” though many of those simulation lessons carry over (it’s just a matter of degree).

Very fun to play with if you’re a nerd like me. &#;

Here’s our full review of CreditWise from Capital One.

Credit Scorecard from Discover


  • Provides free FICO Score from Experian
  • Includes Dark Web monitoring 

Credit Scorecard from Discover is available for both Discover and non-Discover users, and is free in either case. But what makes this free credit score provider stand out is that you’ll get your actual FICO Score (FICO Score 8 to be exact), rather than an educational score, like VantageScore Your FICO Score will be provided by Experian, which is the largest of the three major credit bureaus.

Your credit score will be updated the later of every 30 days or the next time you log into Credit ScoreCard. You’ll also get daily monitoring of your Experian credit report. This includes alerts when there is an inquiry for a new account, information turning up on Dark Web sites, and Social Security number alerts. You should also be aware that checking your FICO Score on a regular basis can help you head off any damage that may be caused by data breaches.

You’ll also get detailed information, including the number of inquiries and insight on what’s both helping and hurting your credit score.

Chase Credit Journey


  • Provides free Vantage Score from TransUnion
  • Offers alerts when changes are made to your credit

Chase Credit Journey is a free credit score source that’s open to both Chase and non-Chase customers. You’ll have unlimited online access to your credit score, as well as notifications anytime there’s a change on your credit report. The service also provides resources to help you better understand credit and credit scores. This includes a credit score simulator to help you understand how certain changes will affect your scores.

Your credit score will be VantageScorebased on your credit report from TransUnion, and is updated weekly. You’ll also receive alerts as new information becomes available on your credit report. For example, alerts might include new credit inquiries, new accounts opened in your name, new public records, delinquencies, fraud alerts, and even improved account status.

One benefit is that it will display your credit score for the past 12 months. That will give you a good snapshot of the general direction of your score and will be particularly important if your goal is to improve your credit going forward.

If you are considering a Chase credit card, here’s how to get preapproved. 

Available to Credit Cardholders

American Express


  • Provides free Vantage Score from TransUnion
  • Offers alerts and their credit score simulator 

American Express offers their MyCredit Guide free credit score and report. It’s available for all American Express credit card holders. And while it’s not widely known, it’s also available even if you are not an American Express customer. Anyone can enroll in the service and takes less than two minutes to sign up.

The score provided is your VantageScore educational score, provided by TransUnion. You can check your score as frequently as you like, and it will not have a negative impact on your credit score. You can even track your score on your mobile device.

When you receive your credit score, it will include the factors that are impacting it. You can also review up to 12 months of your score history and have access to your detailed TransUnion credit report. You’ll also receive email alerts about important changes to your credit report to help you identify potential fraud. A credit score simulator is provided to help you assess the impact of various financial moves before you make them.

American Express does concede that they may use the information you provide to market American Express products to you. But as you can see from all free credit scores offered by providers on this list, there are provisions for monetizing the free scores, even if that means you don’t pay a fee for the service. That’s certainly the case with MyCredit Guide, since it does not require you to put a credit card on file.

Bank of America


  • Provides free FICO Score from TransUnion
  • Offers education to help better understand the factors that impact your credit

Like other major banks, Bank of America also gives you access to your free credit score when you are an eligible bank customer. There’s no additional charge for this service, you just need to enroll in the program, then you’ll have access to your score at any time.

The score you’ll receive will be your actual FICO Score issued by TransUnion, so it’ll be the same score banks use. You’ll be able to access your credit score each month, without having a negative impact on your score. You can see the key factors that are impacting your score and be able to track your scores month-to-month and compare them with national averages. You’ll also learn more about credit and about the strategies to improve your credit scores.

The Better Money Habits feature will also help you to better understand the factors that impact your credit. It also keeps your financial information safe tells you the steps to take to prevent becoming how do i check my credit score discover victim of identity theft.

Wells Fargo


  • Provides free FICO Score from Experian
  • Includes the “Smarter Credit Center” where you can learn more about how credit works

Wells Fargo provides your free credit score to all eligible bank customers. It’s another lender providing your actual FICO Score, and not an educational score. The FICO Score is based on credit report how do i check my credit score discover from Experian. There is no additional cost for this service local auto mechanics existing Wells Fargo customers.

The score you’ll be provided with may not be the same one used by Wells Fargo for loan purposes. That’s because Wells Fargo, like other banks, uses different credit scores based on the type of lending involved. For example, they’ll use one variation of FICO Scores for mortgages, another for auto loans, and still another for credit cards.

Your score will update on a monthly basis around the same day each month. As is the case with all credit reports, the score may reflect credit report information that’s up to 30 to 60 days old, so it may not be “up-to-the-minute&rdquo. You’ll know the score has been updated when the notification appears on your account summary screen.

Wells Fargo also offers its Smarter Credit Center. This is where you can learn the basics of credit, start building credit from the ground up, improve or rebuild your existing credit, plan for large expenses, take control of your debt, and even learn to put your credit to work for you.



  • Provides free FICO Score from Equifax
  • Includes the “Smarter Credit Center” where you can learn more about how credit works

If you hold – or apply for – one of the many Citi credit cards access to your free credit score is a regular cardholder benefit. In fact, it will be your actual FICO Score as issued by Equifax, and not simply an educational credit score. The score is updated on a monthly basis and made available to you green dot moneypak dish network 10 days after issuance.

More specifically, Citi will provide you with your FICO Bankcard Score 8, which is a common credit score used by banks in the issuance of credit cards. The model comes with a range of a low score of to a high score of

Citi gives you access to your credit score as a way of helping you to better understand and stay how do i check my credit score discover top of your credit status. They also provide educational videos to help you learn exactly what a FICO Score is, what goes into it, and how lenders use them. And when you get your credit score, you’ll be provided with the reasons why your score is what it is.

Final Thoughts

The beauty of these free services is that you don’t have to just use one – you can use several at once. This will give you access to several versions of your score as well as a lot of extra perks and services. 

Many of these services can be used as part of our free do-it-yourself identity theft protection system to catch unexpected changes early, so even if you don’t care about your score it’s worth checking out the services.

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